18 Jan 2001

Start Time: 6:10pm </p><p> End Time: 7:06pm </p><p> Members Present: Cheddar, Rattles, Keith, Pacd, Lazarus, Zaphod, Rfsholes, Soloa, Mike, Isaac, John </p><p>

  1. Office Hours were filled out for this semester. Cheddar’s making a cool spreadsheet with Gnumeric to be displayed. </p><p>
  2. Uberyakko: We can start buying any time now. When should we actually order? The meeting after the Install Party will be an Uberyakko buying meeting! Trenary says we can’t use the departments charge card for these purchases and no one person can spend more than $500 on parts. </p><p>
  3. Someone can take the microwave any time now. </p><p>
  4. Project Review: </p><p>
  • Mailing Lists: Matt's going to reinstall Majordomo when he gets suicidal.
  • Database: Wes' Dept. Will involve lots of data entry. Database engine will be MySQL and the interface will be PHP and Perl.
  • Cluster: Matt has three at home and is working on getting the networking working. Then once one is set up, DDL the disk and make loading the others a sinch.
  • Print Server: All done. No color though...
  • Web Site: Isaac's area. Just needs to be updated, possibly to PHP and make it all dynamic. We have the Fight Club-esque header already done and Isaac will work on some of the icons.

</p><p> Some form of bulletin board will be set up so members of each project can communicate about the projects they are on. </p><p>

  1. We’re going to try upgrading Yakko’s kernel to 2.4 in a couple of weeks. </p><p>
  2. Weird stuff happened yesterday. NFS was just dropping off of the network, After everything appeared to be normal, all of a sudden everyone was receiving about 20-30 packets/sec and no one has any idea why. There were some other smaller problems that appeared to be fixed and yada yada </p><p>
  3. Linux Install next week. Kaugars is sending people our way so we may have a fan-packed night of Linux installing. We’ll have pizza too, we’ll need plates, monitors, extension and power strips, things like that. </p>