11 Jan 2001

Start: 6:10pm

End: 7:44pm

Members Present: Pacd, Zaphod, Cheddar, Rattles, Izak, other new people

1. Linux Install Party -- Planned for two weeks from today Thursday, January 25, 2001

For Install Parties we need: People who can install Linux well

2. New Treasurer! It's Wes!! Because he's the only one who can write checks... we need to fix that

3. Idea to have a massive install party about the time of Bronco Bash. We can work in cooperation with KLUG and make it big. Advertise beyond the scope of Western even!

4. We now proceed with introductions... right in the middle of the meeting.

5. We need to schedule office hours

6. Uberyakko --> Ozz said he can probably make us a computer, but he'll have to do it before he leaves Kalamazoo. Wes is going to toss Ozz an email. We really want to spend that money!! AAARRRGGGHH!!!

7. In the year 2003, the Computer Science Dept. will be moving to the new Lee Baker campus area.

8. We should find as many ways as possible to make the Club a valuable asset to the CS Dept. so we can get a good spot in the move.

9. Pizza arrives at this point.

10. Next week we should do a project update.

11. Matt is in the process of getting Linux on all of the nodes that will become our cluster.

12. Possibli try upgrading Yakko to the 2.4 kernel after the meeting next week.