15 Feb 2001

Start: 6:15pm </p><p> End: 7:18pm </p><p> Members Present: Isaac, Pacd, Zaphod, Rattles, ZRodger, Cheddar, Vinhvu, RScholes </p><p>

  1. John Eckard has a full size refridgerator that the club could have! </p><p>
  2. Wakko has to be dealt with very carefully nowadays… we should put something on its monitor that says “Don’t touch.” </p><p>
  3. Our mailbox in Faunce is moving. So is everyone elses… They will also no longer forward our mail Gasp! </p><p>
  4. There was a bunch of Microsoft bashing going on HAHAHAHA BOOYAH!! Open Source Software is Un-American? What? </p><p>
  5. Matt will be giving a Debugging Strategies Presentation on March 15, 7pm. </p><p>
  6. Ed has filled out another SS4 to see if the club can’t get our own bank account. This only happens if we have some sort of business identification. He did this in December and we’re still waiting. Go figure. We’re debating having Trenary close the account now too. </p><p>
  7. Through the University we received a form about how much money we have/owe. If someone could only figure out how to read it </p><p>
  8. Pop cans need to be taken back some day in the near future. Puhlease! </p><p>
  9. Uberyakko ==> The motherboard is still on back order. AMD 1.2GHz </p><p> We have the motherboard, fan, and CPU. We need memory though (with a lifetime warranty). Let’s make it PC133 too. </p><p> SCSI –> Rodger’s area, he’ll look into. (Ultra 160, SCSI 3 is most common) Could ask Karlis too, he’s got SCSI. </p><p>
  10. Matt installed Tripwire on Yakko. </p><p>
  11. Rodger had a question about his (insert vulgar language of choice here) computer at home. He tried a new video card, motherboard beeped, put in his old one and now nothing works! </p><p>
  12. What are the implications to web-based user joining/membership. They fill out a form and they get a membership after they pay. </p><p>
  13. With regards to the mailing lists, have a web-based interface to them. We could host a public mailing list that people could sign up for via the web. </p><p>
  14. Matt told an amusing story about an old boss that had to go to jail every night after work. He then went on to tear apart an electric bouncing ball. When he threw it down the hall, it wouldn’t stop blinking! </p><p>
  15. Longest meeting ever! </p><p>