22 Feb 2001

Start: 6:30pm


Members Present: Zaphod, Cheddar, Pacd, ZRodger, Rattles, Phorce Phed, Anne-Marie, Clipse, John, Aijun

1. Unofficial Information!! Go to webpages.wmich.edu to get your own student webpage!

2. gw.wmich.edu is an open relay! We are extremely displeased with the lack of security Western is providing in its mail gateway. Nuff said.

3. We need network cable.

4. Our motherboard was still on back-order so Wes ordered Microstar mobo.

5. Wakko has been up non-stop for 13 days! woohoo!

6. Anne-Marie nominated as treasurer. We will vote for treasurer at the next meeting.

7. Should the Computer Club be a NextTel reseller? Do they even do that? We could make a lot of money and get our own walkie talkies at discount rates.

8. No meeting next Thursday.

9. Western is crap.