27 Sep 2001

Start: 6:30pm </p><p> End: 6:42pm </p><p> Members Present: Zaphod, Pacd, Rattles, Soloa, Ajax, Serenity, Cymbre, Cindy, Others </p><p>

  1. Officer Elections! </p><p>
  • President: Matt
  • Vice President: Mike
  • Treasurer: Anne Marie
  • Secretary: Erik
  • System Administrator: Chad
  • Webmaster: Isaac
  • Project Administrator: Wes
  • Publicity: John
  • Finance: Rodger


  1. Treasurer’s Report: </p><p> September deposits to date totalling $422.70

    September expenditures to date totalling $338.72
    $50 for pizza at the Linux installation party
    $83.72 reimburse Wes for SPARC hard drives, cable & ends, and printing
    $205 reimburse Erik for Sam’s Club restock

    Current CU checking account balance of $202.25
  2. The President of the WSA is going to lend us a laptop so we can check out the wireless setup. </p>