20 Sep 2001

Start: 6:30pm

End: 7:04pm

Members Present: All the officers and several members and more

1. Could the Computer Club have a book sale to help students sell computer books with better deals than the University Book store?

2. We should notify the Western Herald when we get the WIDR stream going.

3. Would it be possible for the Computer Club to get involved with getting WMU up and running with wireless?

4. Idea: Erik suggested the Computer Club setting up some kind of file sharing / search engine for students in the dorms? They'd love us for it...

5. We have a new WIDR box! Hopefully it will replace the old Wakko by the end of tonight. Reliable WIDR streaming is on the way. We should thank Viji. We think Isaac will get the old Wakko.

6. Officer nominations:

President: Matt
Vice President: Mike, James Clark
Treasurer: Anne Marie
Secretary: Erik
Finance: Rodger
Publicity: John Eckhardt
Webmaster: Isaac, Wes, Latha
Sysadmin: Matt, Chad
Project Administrator (Vice President of Robot Heads): Wes

7. emacs presentation by Rodger will follow the meeting tonight.

8. Two weeks from tonight there will be a RedHat presentation (RPM, netconfig, etc.)

9. Next week there will be a presentation by Wes on how to use vi

10. Other presentations: UML, Debugging, ODBC under UNIX, PHP, Bash scripting

11. What are we going to do with the fish tank? We'll vote next week. If you vote for putting fish in it, you should also volunteer to maintain them.

12. Should we have a separate list for Linux help questions?

13. Next week we'll talk about someone maintaining a Links page on our website that people can go to for getting help with Linux.