01 Nov 2001

Start: 6:31pm

End: 7:03pm

Members Present: Rattles, Pacd, Zaphod, ZRodger, Keith, Jester, Ajax, Serenity, moxjake, darktyco, nixon, Cimbre

1. PayPal policy change: no credit card transfers so we're going to drop our PayPal account. We'll see what kinds of surcharges they have though.

2. Laptop rant: Wes is looking for a laptop without XP on it. In other words, he's looking for an Affordable Computer.

3. Partition Magic and Windows XP are not very compatible when you install XP off of a recovery disk. So the plan is to check out the newer version of Partition Magic, possible via funding from GSAC. Reminder: Get quote and request funding from GSAC in December

4. Who wants to go see The One? EVERYONE!!! Yay, let's go watch a movie!

5. Collection for a new monitor for Yakko. Anne Marie had the idea. But we definitely want a 17" at least.

6. The money presentation thing would have been today. We can get money for operating expenses (~$200-300). Speaker money up to about $1000 is a slam dunk. Money for a library could get us about $300-400. Rodger thinks the request would need to be made by the first Thursday in December.

7. Project statuses. Wes emailed Isaac about refining the graphics. We have project mailing lists up. We could always use more content. Wes started a Linux Install Party page.

8. Is it wrong to say "booch" in front of women?

9. We should announce more formally that users can have web pages.

10. John wants to know why he likes to put live chickens in his pants?

11. We still need to get out a thank-you letter to Viji...

12. What are we going to do with the Evil Tank?

13. Our webcam is on the way and Wes can probably get it up and running some time next week. Sweet!