08 Nov 2001

Present: Pacd, PhorcePhed, Zaphod, Jester, Zrodger, Soloa, Serenity, Little Geek

1. Wes is going to Meijer to get Trail Mix.

2. Matt Got a job!!!!

3. Treasurer's Report
$604.79 -- In the checking account

4. Rodger needs a haircut

5. Rebooting Yakko.

6. John is being pushy again.

7. PHP Presntaion Next Week!!!!!

8. We have a web cam. It doesn't work yet.

9. Web Pages on CVS is still up and coming.

10. Soon mailman will no longer e-mail passwords

11. Making a Shopping List you don't care what is on it yet.

12. Smiling, Jolly, Buddha Bars.

13. Web Pages to be checked into CVS soon.

14. Adjourned 19:00.......