14 Mar 2002

Minutes for March 14, 2002

The Computer Club of WMU

Members Present: moxjake, pacd, ash, ajax, zaphod, zrodger, rattles, tim, others

1. No word back from any potential speakers. Rodger's suggesting us look into a speaker's group that deals with organizing speakers.

2. Wes is a Dutch bigot.

3. Fightin' Whities are cool! Buy a T-shirt

4. The Dean is coming next Thursday! There's a whole list of things that need to be done to the office before then:

  • Get a folder
  • Rodger's organizing his flier
  • Anything else that'll make the club look good
  • A calendar of events perhaps
  • Stuff that the Club's done/plans to do

5. We need to come up with a list of books to buy for our library. We've got $200 (GSAC) + $150 (us) to blow here.

6. Try to be here on time for the meeting! Even show up early!

7. Cans, someone needs to take them back. It's official: Jake'll take 'em back.

8. Unteryakko: Wes has volunteered a computer to us to use as a replacement (temporarily) for Yakko until we can find out why Yakko is having issues.

9. John cancelled his presentation.

10. Nothing's changed with Algostore.

11. Matt's in the process of creating a Yakko's Administration Document. He's about a page into it. He'll send out the Chapters as he completes them for review.

12. Rants, raves, and naked mice:

  • KLUG moved to the Chamber of Commerce building downtown. We'll have to update our links to reflect this. www.kalamazoolinux.org for more info.
  • Something's broken with MySQL access via Perl on Yakko... will look into.
  • Third-level tech support is equivalent to God
  • WorldCom in Grand Rapids doesn't answer their phone

13. Treasurer's Report:

$1,500 in the WMU account
$1,100 in our bank account
We're loaded!