28 Feb 2002

Start: 6:29pm </p><p> End: 7:23pm </p><p>

  1. Requests are out for another snack/pop run… things went fast last time! We resolved to buy a new toaster as well. </p><p>
  2. This Saturday we’re going to begin cleaning the office at approximately 11:00 am and we’re going to get food. Part of the cleaning involves making the room presentable for inspection by the department. That may involve taking down the Christmas lights! NOOOO!! It also involves laying down new carpeting. </p><p>
  3. Meeting with the Dean at 6:00pm on March 21st. Everyone be there! </p><p>
  4. We’re going to try to have our library established/ordered within a week from now. </p><p>
  5. Presenters: ESR, out. CmdrTaco, out. How about Jamie McCarthy? </p><p>
  6. How about giving a talk to IEEE about Linux? It’ll be the week following Spring Break. </p><p>
  7. Pot Pies!!! The club is in favor of pot pies! </p><p>
  8. Movie party at Rodger’s after cleaning! All who help is invited! Nevermind! It’s been postponed a week! </p><p>
  9. Upcoming Presentations: John’s Customizing your UNIX Account. Debugging Techniques. RPM Construction. Will discuss this more on the 21st. Other ideas: Palm Connectivity, Makefiles, Video Technology. </p><p>
  10. Hardware purchases: We need 20 GB of uncompressed storage space at least. </p><p>
  11. Reviving the bulletin board. What do we want on it? Rodger’s got ideas and he’s going to make some posters to put up around the campus to promote the club. </p>