11 Apr 2002

Start: 6:18pm </p><p> End: 7:02pm </p><p> Members Present: moxjake, rattles, zrodger, soloa, helio, charlie, cheddar, jester, ashish </p><p>

  1. Unteryakko update: Saturday is the day it goes down and Uberyakko comes back up! WOOHOO!!! </p><p>
  2. The movie party at Matt’s (anyone know what time?) is on Saturday. 6:00-ish, but basically whenever Yakko’s back up. Call the club for more info. What are we going to watch? </p><p>
  3. Another week of nominations. Rodger’s request to withdraw was firmly and promptly denied. </p><p>
  • President: Erik, Rodger
  • Vice President: Erik, Rodger, Mike, Darren
  • Treasurer: Anne Marie, Darren
  • Publicity: Darren, Mike
  • Finance: Rodger
  • Secretary: Erik, Darren, Mike, Charlie
  • Sys Admin: Chad, Matt, Both, Cymbre
  • Webmaster: Ashish, Wes, Serenity, Brian </ul> </p>

    4. Algostore: there's a bunch of code out there for Algostore and it looks great! What needs to be done now is to create admin pages and add more algorithms.

    5. Why does Pinky refuse http connections to pinky and say the connection was refused to Yakko? AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH

    6. Helio got his Zaurus communicating with his laptop (both running Linux) wirelessly! Awesome!

    7. John's gone crazy.

    8. Rodger opened the bulletin board and we stuffed 10,000 punch cards in there and stuck a triceratop on top. Need more cards... Rodger volunteered. We need to put stuff from the Jargon file in it occasionally as well.

    9. Ashish was giving away candy at this meeting, Matt missed out.

    10. Matt's debugging presentation is next week. Maybe over the summer we could plan out our presentations for the entire fall semester and post it in the bulletin board and actually do some work on the presentation over the summer so anyone could theoretically give the presentation if they have enough time. Rodger also thinks we should give more technical presentations this fall as well.

    11. Does the club want to set up a bulletin board system like Confer? It could help make us even more invaluable to the university...