18 Apr 2002

Start: 6:15pm

End: 6:41pm

Members Present: Zaphod, Soloa, Jester, Serenity, Cymbre, Ashish, Rattles, Phorce Phed, Brian, ksebek, Cheddar

1. This summer we're going to put together some documentation about administering the the Computer Club's network and emergency plans for when Yakko goes down again (let's hope it doesn't though).

2. Unanymous decision to meet at Bell's over the spring semester.

3. Elections:

  • President: Erik
  • Vice President: Darren
  • Treasurer: Anne Marie
  • Secretary: Charlie
  • Publicity: Mike (if Mike is deposed, John)
  • Finance: Rodger
  • Sys Admin: Both Matt and Chad
  • Webmaster: Ashish

4. This was the last meeting of the Winter 2002 semester, see you all in the fall!