26 Sep 2002

Start: 6:20pm

End: 7:05pm

Members present: rattles jester zrodger soloa ashish gasioren camber john charlie zaphod

1. Idle chit-chat as the meeting begins.

2. This is the first official meeting of the semester.

3. WIDR stream destiny, setting up at WIDR will allow direct connection to their equipment and eliminate the need for a walkman.

4. Talk of bringing in a speaker in conjunction with cis and gsac to help offset costs. David Brinn was suggested.

5. We need a new computer for web browsing, which could be covered with $300 to $400. Another option would be to upgrade pinky with a new monitor and graphics card. We estimate $200 for the upgrade. A local retailer has 17 inch monitors for $109 this week. The club has voted for two. We will also buy one video card, HDD and memory for the machine ed donated.

6. Who's going shopping? Ashish and Eric have volunteered.

7. Rodger will be giving an Xemacs presentation next week.

8. Treasurers report: We made $137 at the install party, plus $100 from gsac for pizza but it cost $100 for pizza and $18 for cd's for a positive net of $19 for the install party. There is $200 to deposit and about $700 in the account. In our GLOW account we have $1350 of which just under $1000 is available for use. The money from bottle returns was used to buy more pop.

9. The club will consider starting an ieee computer society student chapter here on campus.