31 Oct 2002

Meeting Start: 6:45pm

Meeting End:

Members Present: Rattles Camber Jester Charlie Ajax Ashish Phorceph Chedder 1 guest

1. Joe's scanner is up and running for our library checkout system. Thanks Joe.

2. We still have an interest in the IEEE Computer Society, though we need 12 Computer Society members to make an official chapter on Westerns Campus.

3. We're trying to advertise Jamie McCarthy's Presentation on WIDR and in the Herald.

4. Ann Marie needs to give us the information for rebates, though she won't be with us for the rest of the week. Get well soon Ann Marie.

5. The club would like to organize a book swap for CS students at the end of the semester. If anyone is interested in selling their books, send an e-mail to the club so that we can put together a list of what will be available.

6. This is the last Computer Club meeting that Ashish will be attending in person. Good luck Ashish, we'll all miss you.

7. Tonight Matt will be giving a presentation on Bash scripting. Next week Chris will give a presentation on SSH.

8. Shelly visited us in IRC today.