07 Nov 2002

Meeting Start: 6:20pm

Meeting End: 6:50pm

Members Present: Ajax Cheddar Rattles Jester Charlie Soloa Camber 1 guest

1. Treasurers report: $1000 in the GLOW acct. $614.43 in our credit union acct.

2. We should try to put together a tentative presentation schedule for next semester in the next couple of weeks. Some subjects being considered: A two week sequence on documentation generators, DDD, Basic Unix, Intermediate Unix. A list passed around a presentation could generate some good ideas for what people want to see.

3. If anyone has suggestions for presentations please let us know.

4. Two weeks from today one hour before the meeting we will begin organizing the book swap. Any volunteers would be welcome.

5. The presentation being given next week by Jaimie McCarthy will be listed in the Western Herald under up and coming events.

6. We will be meeting in the club office at 6pm next week for a very brief meeting after which we will head over to the Bernhard Center to set up for the presentation.