23 Jan 2003

Meeting Start: 6:17pm

Meeting End: 6:51pm

Members Present: Rattles Camber Charlie Gasiorek Cheddar Jester Ajax Zaphod Chris and two guests for installs.

1. The club is now the proud owners of "The Simpsons Ultimate Trivia Game" which was donated by John.

2. The book checkout database is back in order thanks to weekly backups. http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/~gasiorek/bkchkout.html is the website where documentation for the book checkout system can be found. This only applies to officers of the club.

3. The BroncoSoft (aka game programming club) meeting is on Wednesdays at 6pm in 3210 Dunbar.

4. Our snack price list needs to be updated.

5. Two new books have been added to our library, A+ Certification Study Guide, and Practice Exams.

6. Last weeks install party was a success.

7. Q. In "Bart On the Road," we learn that Nelson really admires which famous singer? A. Andy Williams.

8. the treasurer's report will be given next week.