13 Feb 2003

Meeting Start: 6:05pm
Meeting End: 6:35pm
Memebers present: Jester, Soloa,Cheddar, Ajax, Rattles, Gasiorek, Camber, Charlie, and Rtfmerr

  1. We have no update yet about the meeting with the new chair.

  2. Next Tuesday 3pm at the Bernhard center there will be a meeting to discuss the parking situation here and at the new campus.

  3. Our shelves will be restocked this weekend.

  4. A request from the treasurer to the members… we are not getting the full amount for snacks being purchased. Please pay attention.

  5. Tonight Chris will give the CVS presentation. Next week will be doxygen and javadoc given by Erik.

  6. There now is spaced reserved for the parint cluster, but not for the club. Which has been here longer and provided more support for the campus. The club was started in 1977