19 Feb 2004

Members Present: Joe, Matt, Darren, Issac, Eric, Bob, and guests
6:05: We have go over upgrading yakko
6:10: Matt fix's the wmgg website
6:11: Eric notes that he finds the holiday lights very 'trippy'
6:12: Thursdays meeting next week will be optional
6:13: The power is being shut down at parkveiw over break. So the newly installed ATM will be of no use.
6:14: Matt & Cymbre take off for a while
6:15: We still need 3 ATX Cases visit the wiki at: http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/gasiorek/cgi-bin/wiki to organize
6:16: Nate is doing the presentation this week, but he hasn't shown yet...Tim sneeks in though the door
6:20: Eric is going to do a dry run of the lan party over spring break. He is looking for volenteers to help. 6:22: Matt & Cymbre automagically arrive.
6:23: Darren fishes for others to talk
6:25: Chris arrives, but Cymbre is blocking the entry way. We have more people than chairs. Nat brings in his amazing new laptop...it is more powerful than yakko :(
6:26: We discuss the interesting auctions on ebay
6:27: We leave to set up for nates presentation