11 Mar 2004

6:00 We start on time!!!
6:01 We think about raising yakko's resolution
6:02 New case? It doesn't work. There are no screw hole's in it. And the motherboard in it doesn't work. Issac can we return it?
6:03 Eric goes over LAN information. It is going to be on Sat Mar 27th as not to conflict with the gamers guild.
6:04 Eric discusses other technical issues about the Lan Party.
6:15 We will start posting flyers a.s.a.p.
6:17 Joe notices Wakko is back up on the shelf where it is supposed to be. Dot is running debian now. It shall eventually be retired and put on top of the shelf once we fix the kvm situation.
6:18 Joe hears something about a spoon made out of a bigger spoon.
6:19 We discuss upcomming dvd's. Joe wonders when Amazon will ship his order.
6:20 We discuss how to upgrade yakko.
6:22 Eric j agrees to make a list of parts.
6:30 We discuss dvd burning for yakko.
6:31 Presentations. How to secure a windows box in a couple weeks.
6:35 This is the longest meeting we have had in a while.
6:36 Ed wants to kerborize dot...joe runs away with dot's keyboard.
6:46 Zombo.com raids our attempt at making this a productive meeting.
6:55 We try to solve the mystery of the hole in the wall.