18 Mar 2004

Members Present: gasiorek, PhorcepPh, camber, zaphod, jester, Hitokiri, charlie and special guest Andrew
6:30: Webmail? We’ll look into it.
6:31: Accounts updated…Mathew Ruppert is ok.
6:32: More money issues.
6:33: we don’t feel like renewing oracle magazine so sorry you whoever ordered it. Also we like the website the way it is.
6:35: Presentation next week: Nate, is going to do it and he needs the info
6:36: Wirless isn’t able to access yakko in bernhard center. We decide we need more info.
6:40: We will recruite new members at the lan party March 27th at parkview, view message on main page.
6:45: Chris & Sung are getting Married!!! Congrats. May 15th.
6:46: Special Guest Andrew points out that we are idiots when trying to assemble a “new” computer.
6:55: Special Guest Andrew exits…we hope he comes back
6:56: Eric goes over the new proposed yakko’s specs
7:14: Nominations for officers for next year…ed for tresurer. We will hold elections at the end of the semester
7:25: We are going to distribute flyers and then go to the roadhouse.