23 Sep 2004

Computer Club minutes for 9/23/2004
Members present: Tim, Eric, Ed, Joe, Isaac, Matt, Darren

NOTICE TO ALL: Yakko will be down from 8PM to 8AM. It is NOT OUR FAULT!<p>

  1. The little fridge is dead.
    Eric proposes that it be thrown out, since it has a large colony of mold which has taken up residence in the fridge and will probably never be worthy of being used. Motion carries.<p>

  2. The dates are being changed for the presentations.
    Eric will present on basic unix next week. Tim will follow with debugging techniques and Joe will follow on Linux GUIS. The web site has been changed to reflect the new schedule.<p>

  3. Eric proposes to work on the office the Saturday following this one.
    Eric and Mike from Ann Arbor will work on adding shelving units so that we don’t have to sit on all this stuff.<p>

  4. Treasurer’s report
    $400 in petty cash. ~$1300 in the account.<p>

  5. The ports have still not been VLANed.
    Jim Cotton is apparently in China for two more weeks and no one else DARES to touch the config files for fear that the world as we know it might end.<p>

  6. Status on yakko: We are running redhat and the Gentoo partitions are mounted read only. We’re currently back on the original. Some archived messages were lost, but other than that, we’re ok.<p>

The SCSI controller is ok. The problem was in the Reiser file system.
Apparently, we had issues in compiles which caused chaos. <p>

Tim proposes that no major changes be made to yakko for the duration of the semester. Everyone agrees. Undisclosed threat to those who break yakko. <p>

Issues were discussed about minimizing downtime. Tim suggested that a parallel yakko would be created if we wish to switch from Redhat to Gentoo so that downtime be minimized.<p>

  1. Announcements
    Chris cut his hair.
    Matt got a job.<p>

  2. Adjourned at 6:32.<p>