30 Sep 2004

Computer Club minutes for 9/30/04
Members present: Isaac, Tim, Ed, Eric, Joe, Brian.<p>

  1. We plugged in wakko.
    It worked, but we’re still not Vlaned. WIDR reception was tested and found to be somewhat lacking. Joe complained about the lack of space in the office.<p>

  2. Eric suggested that we put a notice in the Glances in the Western Herald.
    Ed revealed his fascination with cron jobs.<p>

  3. Yakko uptime: Complaints?
    The only issue was the uptime of the University and CS nets.<p>

  4. Eric began discussing the construction project for this weekend.
    Eric would like some help on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Brian is a tentative yes. We want to have a shelf going all around the office and two heavy duty shelves in the recessed part of the office.<p>

The wall across from the door is too weak to support much, since it’s not really drilled into anything and just hangs loose. That one might be for the candy shelf.<p>

Isaac indicated he might be able to provide a ladder. We also need to hang Christmas lights.<p>

  1. Date of the lan party
    Date is November 6th. We are awaiting confirmation from John Kapenga.<p>

  2. Presentation scheduled at Parkview
    Tentative for Joe’s presentation on GUIs. Probably will be C-208.<p>

  3. Treasurer’s report: Same as last week.<p>

  4. Adjourned at 6:40 PM.<p>