07 Oct 2004

Computer Club meeting minutes for 10/07/2004
Members present: Ed, Chris, Joe, Brian, Miles, Eric, Tim<p>

1> Dot was down for a few hours.
We’re blaming one of those ECE guys for pulling the plug or something. Anyway, it’s plugged in now.<p>

2> We really need keys to this building
Eric also needs help with the office.<p>

3> Presentation switcheroo
Tim bailed out due to excessive studying. Chris offered to do a voip-asterisk. Eric offered to do GTK programming. Other topics were suggested. If you would like to present on something, send email on officers.<p>

4> Lan party - Nov. 6th at Parkview Campus
Room is reserved from friday to saturday midnight. $5 preregister, $10 at door. We haven’t officially got permission from the dean, yet, but John is covering that.<p>

When should we start advertising? Permission is a prerequisite. We’ll have to do a detailed inventory, so they can’t accuse us of breaking stuff. Apparently, this was a problem with the last lan party, even though what they accused us of breaking was noticed a week after the party.<p>

5> WIDR is po’ed about the WIDR stream.
We can’t really do anything about the VLAN situation, but some discussion was made about feeding the stream to a machine in Parkview from a machine in the office.<p>

6> Adjourned at 6:30.<p>