21 Oct 2004

Computer Club meeting for 10/21/04
Members present: Tim, Joe, Isaac, Ed, Eric, Chris, Miles<>p>

The Computer Club wishes to congratulate Club alumni Chad and Melissa Gross on the birth of Henry James Gross at 5:04 PM on 10/19/04. <p>

  1. Discussion of the WIDR stream
    It’s still working, apparently. Isaac explained how the stream works.<p>

  2. Spread Firefox is taking out a full page ad in the NY Times to promote the 1.0 release.
    They are taking donations and they put your name in readable font on the ad. They have 4,000 donors. $10/name for student. $30/regular. The cost of the organization name is more.<p>

There is a party in Kalamazoo on the 20th of November. Joe recommended Bell’s for the Firefox rollout week. Joe will keep us posted.<p>

  1. Lan party is a go. We need posters.
    November 6th. Administrative stuff is set. Emailing reminder to Jim Cotton and we want to arrange a VLAN test. We need a flyer ASAP. Tim offers to help. We know the rules for posting. <p>

Inside residence halls is controlled by Res. Life. Buildings are controlled by OSL. Buildings may also have their own policies. We need to get them approved.<p>

Advertising needs to be done on Psycho Rage, Bronco Web. Tim suggests we advertise on Educable office for the dorm advertisements and the Dean’s office for the big displays at Parkview.<p>

Official instructions will be to pull up to the front to unload equipment, then go to the back to park. <p>

We need to remind them to unlock the doors in November. The computer only keeps info for one month. <p>

  1. We found out that when you create a new account on yakko, you have to create the home directory.<p>

  2. Adjourned at 6:40 PM.<p>