28 Oct 2004

CCLUB meeting for 10/28/04
Members present: Eric, Joe, Tim, Brian, Miles

1> The radio was reset
WIDR stream had static.

2> Eric was slapped for mentioning Gentoo.
Update requests were made for PHP to be upgraded to the newest version. The general consensus was that it's not doable at this time.

3> Lan party
Tournaments will be for Doom 3 and UT2k4. 16 player double elimination. It will be tight, so we will need dedicated servers to be running the whole time. Prizes will include $50 gift cards for Best Buy. It might be crazy due to the time constraints. Brian has developed a time structure. Joe asks for a copy of the schedule.

Brian would like to offer a intranet site for people to register their teams.

Tim, Brian and Eric made flyers. The flyers were submitted to OSL. They have a stupid 24 hour rule, so it will be available at noon. We will meet in the office at 2:00 on Friday. Tim, Joe and Brian are going to meet in the office.

Also, we are on The BroncoWeb and Psycho Rage. We need to post a map on yakko for off campus people and those who may not be familiar with the Parkview Campus.

4> Sighs of relief were heard when Chris arrived.

5> Adjourned at 6:34 PM.