18 Nov 2004

Computer Club Meeting for 11.18.04
Members present: Tim, Eric, Ed, Joe, Isaac.<p>

1) We are registered with SOAP.
The computer club is now antibacterial. It is a way to automatically re-register us rather than having to file with the OCL every year. <p>

2) Tim suggests that we do another Chicago trip.
We stopped going years ago and perhaps we could resume our trips. Perhaps it’s a good idea, but Joe voiced concerns about the possibility of bad weather.<p>

3) Meeting degenerated into useless banter. <p>

4) Isaac suggested that we fix the connection on the DOSAweb server so that Computer Club doesn’t have a broken link.

It kind of looks bad.<p>

5) Status of WIDR
Isaac informed us that he contacted WIDR and advised them that moving their web pages to our machine would not be a good idea, but we have no objections to keeping the WIDR stream in their office.<p>

6) Meeting adjourned at 6:48 P.M.