06 Jan 2005

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 1/6/05 Members present: Tim, Joe, Eric, Ed, Isaac, Chris<p>

1) Thanks to Tim and Joe for unteryakko. Joe and Tim installed a new machine under the Debian OS. It’s accessible via gasiorek.homelinux.com. To gain access, contact Joe. Isaac and Joe purchased some material. <p>

Isaac and Joe were paid.<p>

2) Renewal checks have been received from several members. Accounts have been updated for these members.<p>

3) The individual running the PCI graduate profile project contacted Joe. This is regarding a new list that Joe has been setting up for their group. Issues were resolved regarding adding users to the list. Mailman’s configuration options were causing problems, and Joe discovered that Mailman’s configuration options don’t make sense.<p>

What is the cost for this service? We need to look up the cost of this service that we charged last time. Isaac believes that it was $15. Joe thinks we should encourage list members to get yakko accounts for their email.<p>

4) Another LAN party? Idea for May 5th, 2005 (05/05/05) for PLAN 3. What video games? Isaac suggests Unreal Tournament. Someone else has to talk to the Dean and Kapenga, since Eric is no longer a student. We might need an extra room.<p>

Maudlin suggestions were made which the secretary is not interested in transcribing. The date was shot down, since it’s not in the winter semester. March 26th was suggested and agreed to. D204-206 is the recommended rooms. Ed agreed to contact Kapenga about reserving the room. Eric suggested another room which faces the Dean’s office which is probably room D208. <p>

We will need the port numbers for configuration of the VLAN. <p>

5) Office things We’re getting rid of the microwave. Tim talked to his father about help designing the shelves.<p>

6) Adjourned at 6:49. The Roadhouse awaits us.