13 Jan 2005

Computer Club minutes for 2005/01/13
Members present: Tim, Joe, Eric, Isaac, Ben, Matthew, Milo, Chris<p>

1) Our microwave DIDN’T vanish
Anyone need an old, heavy radioactive microwave? Also, other junk needs to disappear. Joe wanted the lamp to disappear, but was outvoted.<p>

2) We have temporary shelving.
Joe developed a temporary solution to the problem of lack of shelving by using our problem of too many worthless books to our advantage. <p>

3) Webpage needs updating
Tim was reminded that he agreed to be the new webmaster. Tim vigorously denied ever saying such a thing. A few complaints were registered about non-functional mysql server and needs for more current updating.<p>

4) Update on requesting rooms for lan party
Not done, since Joe has been very busy. Joe will attend to it by next Thursday. Scout’s honor! Tentative date is January 26th.<p>

5) And now for the bad news: Yakko experienced a security “incident.”
Yakko is still at Redhat 7.3 and we need to update our system and do some clean up. The new yakko is currently in Joe’s house. Joe has set up kerberos and ldap and has transferred accounts. <p>

Discussion involves Tripwire. Eric says that the configuration of Tripwire is a pain. It must be configured manually. Joe says it would be a project for an interested individual, but it might not be best to make that a group project.

Debian is the choice for the new OS. Discussion ensued about Matt's customization script for storing log files so that we might find out what, if anything, happened.

Meeting degenerated into a discussion between users on the IRC channel giving advise about the situation and people present at the meeting. The decision was made to shut down yakko at that time and deal with the new system on the weekend.

6) Meeting adjourned around 7:00. Off to the Roadhouse!