07 Apr 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 2005-04-07
Members present: Eric, Tim, Joe W., Miles, Joe, Matt R., Brian, Jason, Kaitlin<p>

1) Elections

Joe G. for president
Matt R, Miles for VP
Ed for treasurer
Brian for secretary
Joe W. for webmaster
Brian for advertising
Joe G., Adam for sysadmin<p>

Tim adds a nomination of Miles for treasurer
Eric added Joe W. for Secretary
Tim adds a nomination of Brian for Sysadmin<p>

Election results:
President: Joe G. (6), Abstain (2)
Vice-Pres: Matt R (4), Miles (3), Abstain (1)
Secretary: Joe W (6), Brian (1), Abstain (1)
Treasurer: Ed (3), Miles (3), Abstain (2)
Webadmin: Joe W. (4), Abstain (4)
Advertising: Brian (7), Abstain (1)
Sysadmin: Adam (1), Joe G (1), Brian (6)<p>

New lineup:
President: Joe G.
Vice-Pres: Matt R.
Secretary: Joe W.
Treasurer: Ed
VP Finance: Miles
Webadmin: Joe W.
Advertising: Brian
Sysadmin: Brian<p>

2) Hard drive swap
Joe proposes a swap of the backup drive for the empty drive. The empty drive has 80 GB. It’s an IDE. It’s used to backup the home dirs and the SQL dir. Joe wants to do it tomorrow. Tim advises us to give more advanced warning. Joe points out that it should take very little time. It was agreed to.<p>

3) Summer shenanigans
Should we have summer meetings? Most of the members present agreed that they would be here. The summer meeting time will be 7:00 PM on Thursday. We will take two weeks off for finals and the break week.

4) Penguicon outing/Eric’s wedding
Many CCLUB members are going to Penguicon 3.0. Eric’s wedding will also be around at that time. Many sci-fi and linux nerds will be present. The dates are Friday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 24th. <p>

Eric says he is going to Defcon and is willing to have guests in his room.<p>

5) Plan A
Either Joe G. or Brian is going to reserve the rooms if they can stop arguing about who is going to do it.<p>

6) Adjourned at 6:50