31 Mar 2005

Computer Club meeting for 3/31/2005
Members present: Tim, Eric, Adam, Joe, Joe W., Matt R., Jason<p>

1) Mailing list
We need another mailing list, but it doesn’t work. We need a wizard who understands the mail software.<p>

2) Presentations
Full for rest of year.<p>

3) Nominations for officers
President - Joe G.
Vice Pres - Matt R., Miles
Treasurer - Ed
Secretary - Brian
Webmaster - Joe W.
Advertising - Brian
Sysadmin - Joe G, Adam <p>

4) LAN party
Note to future CCLUB officers: Do not schedule LAN parties on the Easter weekend. People seemed to have a good time. 26 people attended. Previous was

  1. We should work closer to Boxheads. The Boxheads website is blocked from campus. We don’t know why. <p>

In the future, we will need to write down port numbers so that we can get the VLAN script updated, especially if we add more rooms.<p>

Also important, we need to remember to write down the number of the telecom closet it goes into. <p>

Complaints registered were against the size of the desk. People wanted it on the first floor. The gigabit hookups are in the classrooms. 88 seats, 44 places if a person uses the whole desk.<p>

Matt inquired about larger rooms. Moving to rooms on main campus is unlikely. Parkview is the largest room available. Bernhard would cost money and we would need to rent tables, bring network equipment and deal with electricity.<p>

It’s cramped, but it works. We don’t have the funds to expand it. Alliance with Boxheads was discussed. Also, the concessions would not work, since Bernhard has exclusive rights. <p>

We could expand to multiple rooms. We should also let people know that they can have the whole table to themselves.<p>

Summer would be better for a LAN party. Money issues would also be an issue with alliances. We’re also cheaper than most other LANs.<p>

We need dates for specific sponsorships. June 18th or 25th is proposed. 25th is after summer I session. 18th is before finals. Advertising has to be very different, since we will have even fewer students. <p>

In summer, we will scale back food. Summer will be more laid back. No prize tournaments without sponsorships. We need to really professionalize the site.<p>

We also have a list of places to get sponsorships. Are we interested in partnering with Boxheads? We need to clarify that first in regards to blocking the site first. Maybe fall.<p>

4) Adjourned at 6:50 PM.