05 May 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 5/5/05
Members present: Tim, Joe W, Brian, Adam, Matt R, Nik, Chris<p>

1> Plan A: June 25th
To do: Register rooms (Brian), Advertise<p>

2> Summer projects
Brainstorming: Model airplane, power tool drag racing, RPG (role playing game), hacking portal or honey pot, SetiAtHome, Linux cluster for processing purposes, HAM radio, Packet Radio, Wi-Fi shoot-out (Pringle can), Sniper Bluetooth, rockets, weather balloons with Packet radio/GPS system, kite-based aerial photography, Asterisk project<p>

HAM radio idea seems to go over well. Tim suggests that we could contact some people from the local HAM club to offer guest lectures or help with group study sessions.<p>

3> Voting on projects
Power tool drag racing: 1
RPG engine: 4
Honey pot: 0
Linux cluster: 0
HAM radio: 7
Sniper wi-fi: 4
Rockets/Weather balloons/kites/airplane: 7
Robot battle: 3

Thus, RPG engine, HAM radio, Sniper wi-fi and aerial projects will be our focus. Tim and Chris will investigate HAM radio, Matt and Brian will investigate airplane, Joe W. will investigate RPG engine, and Matt and Joe will investigate sniper wi-fi. <p>

4> VPN
Tabled until Eric returns.<p>

5> Adjourned at 7:52 PM.