12 May 2005

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 5/12/2005
Members present: Tim, Matt R., Brian, Eric, Melissa, Chris, Joe W.<p>

1) Brian attempted to reserve LAN rooms
Still need to follow up. We have some flyers at http://www.whatistheplan.com/flyers. We want to post flyers earlier than usual in order to get more interest built up. We’ll also advertise online.

We are trying to reserve from Friday to Sunday on that week. It will be a multi-day event. We need to get into the other room to get the port numbers for the reservation of the other script. We are have interest in an Xbox room.<p>

2) HAM radio class
Tim reports that Mr. John Tucker has suggested that he is willing to teach the class. He wants at least 5 people in order to make it worthwhile. He is a programmer at WMU and a part time KVCC instructor. He recommends Tuesday or Thursday at 6:00 PM. He believes that we can do this in 5 to 6 weeks. <p>

We also have interest from a Mr. Shane Feek, who is an instructor at Glen Oaks Community College. Mr. Tucker will not be able to afford the time to do Winter semester.<p>

We will need a reservation for a room with the appropriate equipment. We will need to get the books, although students could buy it themselves if they choose. Chris tells us that we can get a discount on “Now You’re Talking” of 25% on 12 or more. <p>

We have at least five members interested in doing the class, so we have our class. We will have to advertise. We also have to decide whether to do the class at Parkview or Main. Eric recommends Parkview.<p>

3) VPN (tabled last week)
Our office is not VLANed in such a way as Yakko can be in our office. The question is, do we want to get with OIT and get a new IP address under OIT or do we wait for OIT or do VPN ourselves. Yakko is on the CS dept DNS. <p>

We really need to get yakko in our room so that we have physical access to yakko. We should contact OIT and try to get yakko into our own office. Eric will try to contact Jim Cotton or Bob Trenary by email and diplomatically try to resolve the issue.<p>

We will then need to deal with the cooling issue. We might need to contact someone in the environmental services. We might need to have some cool air pumped in, or at least turning off the heat to that room. Tim suggested we might want to put the servers in the other room. <p>

4) LAN party and fundraising
LAN party costs were discussed for the new PLAN. $20 for the three days. We need some new games and events. The Xbox rooms will be a new thing. Other games would be nice, but it’s not likely to be organized like “This game here at this time.”<p>

Mech Warrior might be another game to consider, since it’s not being played as often. <p>

5) Adjourned at 8:10 PM.