21 Jul 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 7/07/05
8 attended: Eric, Joe W., Miles, Nik, Chris, brian, Tim, and Isaac.
Meeting begins 7:10PM

Melissa got word on T-shirts. It may cost 5-6 per shirt.
may do individual shirts for the PLAN.
we need designs for the T-shirt before Bronco bash.

Eric got the name of the guy who may be willing to do the next HAM class.
Not sure on the status for Bronco Bash.
Everyone seems doing okay with the HAM class.

Tim is thinking of returning the favor for our Volunteer professor for our HAM class. Thinking of purchasing a gift certificate to somewhere. we agreed to 2 $25 cards. It’s also a possibility to have Ron teach the class. This will be coming out of the Club account, and has been voted ananymously.
Tim suggests using educable to annouch the HAM class.
educable is in the basement of Dunbar.
We need to get in a habbit of using educable.
We need to advertise more in the glances, and someone annouces events to the western Harald.
reminder of Brochure to all the CS students.
Tim questioned about fliars for the club.

meeting ajourned 7:31PM