14 Jul 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 7/07/05
6 attended: Eric, Joe W., Miles, Chris, Dan, brian, Tim, and Melissa J.
Meeting begins 7:00PM

1) Random tangent on the Porn industry..
No information necessary to note.

2) PLAN 4
Joe W. mentioned to brian the need of fliars for local sponsorship.
PLAN 5 will planned to take place: March 25th and 26th
Box heads may not show due to a LAN they have in GR, PLAN 4 appears to collide with their holloween LAN.
we may have to move PLAN 4 to oct. 29-30, or move ahead and call it PLAN 4 the halloween LAN.
We should have a bawls poster with photos of the club.

3) General
Joe, current president of AAoWMU presented to use Webspace on yakko for their website.
Discussion about how Kohrman will be rennovated as an art dept. building, and how we may wish to think about creating ties with the art dept.
We have been greatly spreading out, office location, and we need more membership.
Tim suggests to come up with a brochure and get a mailing list Promoting the club and yakko’s webspace.
Eric suggests advertising possibility of the use of Yakko’s webspace.

4) Bronco Bash
discussion went on with Brian to determine how the Bronco Bash setup will run.
We have decided to place a sign up at the LAN informing of our situation.

more useless tangents.
tangents about bluetooth.

5) Ham class
Tim needs someone to volunteer to coordinate the HAM class for the fall, if there is enough interest to have the class in the fall. We may have another Technicians class.

meeting ajourned 7:44PM