25 Aug 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 8/18/05
9 attended: Melissa, Eric, Ed, Joe W., Miles, brian, greg, Matt, Zane and Jason.

meeting started at 7:07PM
1. Plan 4)
No word still from dean Green. We really need something for bronco bash.

2. Ham class)
John Tucker has e-mailed us that he had his class canceled and will be willing to teach the next HAM class.
He also wishes to push ARLL attempt to get more general licenced hams and get more community involvement.
we’re waiting on John’s decision on when to have the class, and we will have it advertised at Bronco Bash.

Introductions, by everyone since we have new arrivals.

3. advertisement)
brian will be working on fliars, possibly a brochure. We still don’t have a steady date, but at this point we may be creating ‘tentative’ fliars and printing them sunday night.

Forgot to order the fryer.
And all who will be available to attend bronco bash need to e-mail Eric.

meeting ajourned at 7:26pm