01 Sep 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 09/01/05
9 attended: Ed, Miles, Joe W, Joe G, Eric, Greg, Matt, Isaac and Brian

meeting started at 6:15PM
review and current events:
we revised what has happened over the summer with Joe G. Our current President.
We discussed the Lan party, Ham stuff, and the website refacing.

A magnet school is looking asking for us to organize an after school project using object orientation.
We have no idea of what we’d do, and what times. Eric suggests we do a webdesign class.

Eric will be e-mail Joe G. a proposal for the webdesign class, to give to Ron.

Officer review:
Joe G. - Exec. President.
Matt R. - Exec. Vice President.
Ed - Treasurer.
Miles - VP of finance.
Melissa - VP of catering.
Brian - Sys Admin, Pres of Advertisement.

Brian needs a fliar to be handed out to Teachers for students.
Joe W. will bring Slackware 10.1 discs for the linux install party.
Ed will try to obtain keys for labs in Kohrman.
We will discuss where will have the install party after next weeks presentation.

Advanced Linux text editing. Brian : Vi Miles : Emacs
Chris was possibly the individual who will host the Unix usage presentation.
Joe W. wants to do a presentation on Usage of Transparent images and the web.
Joe G. will be giving a presentation on Hula.

Club matters:
Poster board will need to be recreated next week with the new fall calander.
Someone from the Kalamazoo Gazzette has e-mailed Brian mentioning he wants to write an article on LAN partys and the culture.

Joe W. needs to start focusing on discussion with Local Sponsors, as well as Brian needs to start focusing on National sponsors for the LAN.
The dates are set internally, however none official, so we will just be advertising the events.

We will sustain form communicating across our next LAN til’ the end of September.
Joe G. is being revised of the yakko outages.

We are having issues with Ed. being the only physical access to Yakko.

  1. We move the server into the CS server room, where it’s cooler and more reliably.
  2. We discuss with Jim Cotton to get a static IP with open ports in the office.

    Brian suggest doing 1 right away, and work on 2 in the future.

    Joe G. Casted a vote for moving the server.
    all voted for 1.
    6 voted to work on 2 in a long term manner.
    We advised Joe G. of the Friar.
    The account is having issues, and we need to discuss with the individuals on gettig the account situated.
    Greg and Jason have paid there dues and become official members.

    meeting ajourned at 7:20pm