08 Sep 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 09/08/05
12 attended: Joe G, Joe W, Ed, Miles, Matt, Isiac, Brian, Greg, Craig, Harry, Alex, Aekda and Nick.

meeting started at 6:00pm
Jim Cotton has e-mailed us about moving the server, however e-mailed a vague response of reasons why it can't be done. We are taking this as a no for moving yakko. However Yakko was moved into a cooler office without the broken Blade.
Our contact has contacted us about the middle school project. We may look into doing it on fri. from 3:45-5:00pm.
The Linux install party is next week.
We have decided on the following current distro installations for next week:
- Fedora Core, 4
- Slackware, 2
- Debian sid, 1
- Unbuntu Hore, free
- Vector, 1
- Unbuntu live, 1
- Knoppix, 1
- Mepis, 1

$5 flat for the installation.
$10 for membership.
Joe W. Will update the install page.

Presentation decisions 1. Linux Distros. 9/8 by staff
2. Install party. 9/15 by staff
3. Basic Linux Usage. 9/22 by Ed
4. Advanced Text editing, E-macs vs. Vim. 9/29 by Brian(Vim) and Miles(Emacs)
5. Cracking the web. 10/6 by Chris
6. Adv. Web Developement. 10/13 by Joe W.
7. Hula Presentation. 10/20 by Joe G.
8. VOIP and it's usuage. 10/27 by Chris
9. ???(Possibly A gaming presentation prior to LAN) 11/03
10. ??? 11/10
11. ??? 11/17
12. CCoWMU Q&A 12/1

Ohio Linux feast will be on 10/1/05.
Joe G. will have presentation there.

We designed posters for the presentations.

Meeting ajourned 6:40PM