13 Oct 2005

Members attending: Joe W., Eric, Miles, Greg, Ed, and Cameron
Time started: 6:20PM

We discussed bit of what I’d be going over in today’s Presentation.
Cameron started to repair the Dual Celeron System.

We seem to be going smooth, however we request greg to talk with Brian about it, to check the ensurity of PLAN 4’s date and schedule.

Joe W. made some UI updates to the website.
We discussed about what we are going to be doing for next week, since Joe G. will not be able to attend his presentation.
Joe W. May do a presentation Open GL rendering.
Joe W. will be doing a presentation next week on Open GL Rendering examples.
Someone needs to fill out the official form to reserve the room from the Deans office at parkview for the LAN.

Time Ajourned 6:55PM