06 Oct 2005

Computer Club meeting minutes for 10/06/05
10 attended: Joe G, Craig, Matt, Miles, Eric, Melissa, Ed, Tyler, Jason and Joe W.
Meeting Started at: 6:10PM
Joe G., Craig, and Brian will not be able to attend the meetings for the next couple of weeks.
They will try to arrive as soon as possible.

Plan 4
We need fliars!
Brian appearently has ideas for fliars, and are almost ready and will be posted hopefully on Monday.
Joe G. is very forgetful.
Joe G. doodled ideas for the fliars.
Joe W. requested fliars to post around town.
ooo, and a constitution draft!
Brian called Chris to ensure he’ll make it to his presentation.

Joe attpempts to print on a CD.
Eric is talking about a D&D for dummies book, and mocking how it’s messed up.
Jason arrives
The CC office now has a usable computer in the office.
Joe G. is going to build the home directories using a script.
Miles suggests using remote home directories, Joe W. agrees and thinks it would be a great idea.

We need to set a date for PLAN 5 immedietely.
We need to e-mail Bob Trenary to ensure he will be the advisor who is faculty.
Trenary is our man!
Eric is reviewing the Constitution draft.
Joe G. says, “Chalk is bad to eat.”
Matt Broke his pick.
Joe W. requested a copy of the Constitution draft for review.
Meeting ajourned: 7:00PM