27 Oct 2005

Minutes for the Computer Club of Western Michigan University.
Members attending: Matt R., Joe W, Miles, Joe G., Nick K., Jim S., Brian F. and Craig.
Time started: 6:20PM
Milo doesn’t have a friend in Maine.
We will worry about paying Joe G. back for the phone bill after the LAN party.
We will be casting a vote for the new constitution, Craig is looking up the old rules for voting.
We will be noting the prices from the next LAN party for items in the office. We need to ensure this is done, so we don’t have items being payed for at the wrong prices.
Someone needs to finish building brain… suppose that’s me (Joe W.). We will now be reading the new constitution:

4 present student members, all 4 voted.
Joe W. Shall forward the constitution to Joe G.
Brain ang Greg will doing a presentation on, "Virtual Worlds".
a presentation on Online communities.
The week following will a open questionare for CS students., Nov. 3rd
Joe W. will be doing a presentation on OpenGL, Nov 10th.

LAN party stuff:
Brian has a tracking number from CaseACE.
Everything is looking smooth.

Time Ajourned: 6:33PM