03 Nov 2005

Minutes for the Computer Club of Western Michigan University.
Members attending: Matt R., Joe W, Miles, Joe G., Jeff, Eric, Melissa and Brian F.
Time started: 6:03PM
Eric had noted that he liked the constitution even though he could not vote for it. :)
We are trusting the Check book to Eric and Melissa to purchase goods for the LAN.
They need to convert the $20’s into $5’s in the cash box.
time wasted reading spam.
We need volunteers to meet here tomorrow to setup for the PLAN. We are meeting at 6
There are 34 individuals registered for the LAN.
We should have all the materials for bawls tomorrow.
Yakko will be down on saturday to convert yakko back over to Unter Yakko.
We shall be giving it a 1.8Athlon as opposed to the 1.4Duron.
The Firewall is done.
Time Ajourned: 7:00PM