02 Feb 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 1/27/06
11 Members present: Joe G., Joe W, Velex, Eric, Brian, Tim, greg, Matt, Zack, Nick and Craig.

meeting started 6:12

Brian created a new website for yakko, featuring themes and customization.
The next LAN party was finally approved. We have a fliar finished and approved.
He has already contacted our sponsors and posted on the usual websites for advertising.
Joe G. has asked who had any ideas for advertisements.
Brian had some ideas.
Brian suggested the bus, found a form for educable, and suggests the glances.
We could also get into the slideshow at parkview, or hand out fliars.
The dean was the one supposedly who got us the room.
Brian is going to redo the PLAN website. It is now on yakko.
Pregistration get’s a $5 discount on the PLAN.
He was thinking of having a promotion where students who brought a friend, they would get a discount, or joining the computer club, would get a discount.
New TV, however not so working, but you can’t beat free.
NESter is now in the office, Joe W’s NES computer is being store in the office, 7/11 members voted yes for the new site.

Office hours (approximate):
mon. 1p-4p Joe G.
tue. 1p-4p Joe G.
wed. 1p-5p Tim 5p-11p Joe W.
thu. 5p-8p all

we need to post something outside the office.
Meeting ajourned to test new brain.

Adjourned at 6:41.
The Roadhouse awaits us, with beer and wings.