27 Jan 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 1/27/06
8 Members present: Joe G., Miles, Joe W, Velex, Eric, Brian, and Craig

meeting started 6:34

We aided one individual with their kernel.
We voted on purchasing a TV for 150. We decided we don’t need.
Joe W. Stated we have a cooler on pernament loan courtosy of Velex.
New brain. Next week we will be testing new brain to ensure it is working.
We discussed having the office open to transition for cleaning. Joe W. cleaned the office and arranged the furniture.

Plan 5:
Brian has a meeting with the dean to hopefully figure out what the dean is thinking about the LAN party. So we should hopefully be able to PLAN for the next PLAN. Joe G. suggested adversiting with business cards.
Tim has been nominated to audit our user base and make sure we have paper work for each user.
Mostly figure out who is expired that should be expired.
We are thinking of doing something for Ron Miller as thanks for the new office.
Joe W. told individuals regarding root password. We will be deciding who needs to hold office hours. Yakko will be down sunday morning from 1am to 8am due to WMU’s network.
As for office hours please decide when you have a time open to schedule office hours and let Joe W. know. We’ll arrange for those who decide to hold office hours to receive a key.
Joe G. Has no idea what a MUD is, (Multi User Dungeon).
The building is open til’ 12am on most days except fri. and Sat.
There was random discussion of what to do to Wiley Mud.
We will be trying to do fliars for presentations.
Joe W. needs new print outs for member signup sheets.
Apologies to Legistrate for Joe W. not being here on time during office hours, we were at Parkview poking at brain.

Adjourned at 7:02.
The Roadhouse awaits us, with beer and wings.