16 Feb 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 02/16/06
9 Members present: Joe G., Joe W, Velex, Brian, Tim, Ed, Miles, Greg and Craig.

Meeting started at 6:23p we will have a meeting tonight hosted by Joe and Brian, instead of Eric. Next week will be wireless security, however if no one shows we will do it again after spring break.
We need to discuss with Melissa on details of consessions, we need a volunteer to go get materials for the LAN. Craig will be getting the bawls.
We are now on educable!
We are having issue with advertising, as our fliars keep getting taken down.
Our goal next week is to be cools enough to have Tim participate.
We have 22 people registered for the LAN.
We need a USB extension cable for the digital camera.
Miles will be hosting office hours on friday. 12p-3p
Craig is interested in doing a presention on photography.
Miles may do a PIC presentation.
We shall be doing the presentation tonight at 7:20p

Adjourned at 6:38.
Gallaghers awaits us, with beer and wings.