23 Feb 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 02/23/06
Users present: Joe G., Joe W, Velex, Brian, Tim, Chris, and Craig.

Meeting started at 6:19p
Miles got the webcam working for display on the web.
We will soon be porting this to the current website.
We had new keys ordered, so if people need them visit Parkview.
Regarding keys for the building, we will need to speak with whomever runs the building.
No meeting next week!
Joe W. is working on getting March 11th off for the PLAN, if possible he will aid with the consestions.
someone stated they mailed a check more than a month ago to reactivate his account.
We need to keep a watch on the cclub mailbox’s.
We need more ice cream and food stuff. We need to make a shopping list.
Chris bought a new coffee pot to replace the crappy old one.


More about brain, noone is allowed to touch current brain, til we have the newer hardware.
The prospective schedule for presentations after spring break:
march 9th: Ruby on rails - Eric
march 16th: Cryptography - Craig
march 23rd: 3D game developement - Joe W and Adam
march 30th: focus on security - Brian and Tim
april 6th: focus on securtiy 2 - Brian and Tim
april 13th: The creation of beer - prospective
april 20th: preparing for finals - staff

Adjourned at 6:52p, no meetig or office hours next week.
Gallaghers awaits us, with beer and wings.