06 Apr 2006

Computer Club Minutes
March 30th, started at 6:15p
10 members attended: brian, Velex, Joe G., Miles, Tim, Chris, Jason, Joe W., Derek, and Greg.
Miles checks and uses the phones.
Joe G. Let’s get our vote on.
Now doing speeches for voting.
presidential votes:
Tim: 4
Miles: 4
The tie breaker will shall be whoever is voted for another position shall be the loser of this race.

Vice President:
Craig: 1
Dan: 6

Mark: 5
Tim: 3

Miles: 4
Craig: 4

Chris arrives

VP of Advertisement:

Jason Arrives

System Administrator
Velex: 3
Tim: 0
Chris H:5

Web Developer
Joe W.: 6
Craig: 4

Revotes for president:
Tim: 7
Miles: 3

Revotes for Treasurer:

Final Answers:
President: Tim
VP: Dan
Secretary: Mark
VP of advertisement: Greg
System Administration: Chris
Web Developer: Joe W.

Home directories were getting really large. We need to have people use du more often.
We are thankfully from 3GB left to 12GB left

If Tim is here next week, he will be running the minutes, as Joe G. Will be out of town.

This week’s presentation will be canceled, Brian will do a presentation of how to make anything.
Next week is undetermined, and the last week will be how make beer.

We were suggesting to have a vote to allow discussion of positions after speeches.
However Joe G. Got side tracked by Ralph whatsits face poster.
Miles: Why don’t we have a clock yet?
Joe G.: Who has a clock they can give?
Or knows where to by one.
We should purchase one.
Brian shows off the thinkgeek clock that displays with dots in binary.

Miles has donated a network card with a 12’ dongle.
Meeting ajourned at 6:53p