30 Mar 2006

Computer Club meeting minutes:
March 30th, started at 6:03p
10 members attended: brian, Velex, Joe G., Miles, Tim, Joe W., Matt, Ed, Dan, and Greg.

Matt came to the meeting wearing a shirt that reads, “I bring nothing to the table”, and brought another laptop to lay around the office, what’s the deal?

Those who will be students in the fall:
Craig, Miles, Greg, Dan, Mark, and Tim.

Pres: Tim, Miles
Vice Pres: Greg, Dan, Craig
Secretary: Mark, Tim
Treasurer: Craig, Miles
Advertisement: Dan, Greg, Craig
sys admin: Velex, Tim, Chris H.
Web Master: Joe W.,Craig

Next week: speeches and Voting.

This weeks presentation, Tim with Security.
Next weeks presentation, Matt with Beer.

We need a stamp pad for stamps?

LAN Party news:
We need to determine if we will be doing a LAN party.this summer. We had problems with the network because OIT did something to the network. We are thinking of thoroughly testing the Network before the PLAN.
Million Frag Lan will be in the middle of June, we may not be able to find a decent time to do our next LAN.

Anyone who would be willing to speak for their position next week, will do so.
Joe W. is looking for anyone who could be a webmaster for his game.
The Geekouts are possibly going to be brought into the club office.

Meeting ajourned at 6:38p