20 Apr 2006

Minutes of the Computer Club of Western Michigan University.
date: 4/20/06, 6:11p
12 members attended Joe G., Tim, Mark, Joe W., Brian, Velex, Greg, Chad, Matt, Craig, Miles and Matt

This may be Joe G.’s last meeting.
Matt is on the way for the beer presentation.
There will be a network outage on sun from 4a-6a
Tim talked with Ed., Ed stated that we have checks to deposit, and that they would be in the CS departments mail box.
we need to check the mail box in the bird cage.

Name change to the officer accounts with the student activities office.

Summer work projects

[Includes all tasks entioned in last week’s minutes.]
Also, Try to get Yakko moved to CS office.
New mail certificate needed for apache mail system.
Can use outside athentifier, or correct ourselves(prefered).
Post new Constitution on the yakko website.
SOAP reregistration required.
Spam assasin should be implemented system wide.
Ensure that mailing lists are working properly.

Old Membership Check

Decided to VOID 10$ check.

Online Registration

Assure only WMU students can use this resource.

Meeting Ajurned 6:30PM