11 May 2006

Minutes for the Computer Club of Western Michigan University, 5/11/06
7 members attending, Joe W., Velex, Tim M., Craig, Isaac, Chris H. and Brian.
Someone needs to get the cards for changing the name on the account. The current secretary is suppose to get this and then have all sing it including the tresurer.
In order to do this we need copies of everyones ID’s and SS numbers.
Brian has the checks from the Computer Science Department. We need to get those cashed or destroyed.
We need a tresurer who can actively go through the checks and get them cashed.
The old office was suppose to be used by the art department. The stuff that was in that office is now in our office. This was accomplished last saturday.
Appearntly the old office is still going to remain unused. Tim M. is now working in the room that is right next to the old office. Isaac and Joe G. both should have keys to the old office.
wtf bbq.

Summer PLAN
We are thinking of keeing it simple and sell minor things.
The next one might be a basic PLAN for free instead of a larger PLAN.
We’re not going to aim at advertising.
This one will be based on just networking and having fun.
Discussion involving transfering the responsibilities of the LAN were in order. Tim M. ask who would be willing to take on the responsibilities.
We will need to talk to Jim C. About the VLAN for implementing it on the day of the LAN.
We are thinking June 10th, 10am to 12am, this is the ideal time we want to do the PLAN.
There is also 24th and 25th for dates.
July 1st is also a tentative date for the PLAN.

Final decision: PLAN B will be on July 1st, Brian F will e-mail the Dean.

We are thinking of purchasing a filter for the faucet in the Kitchen.
Voted stated 4 to 0, 3 not voting.
We will purchace a new filter for the office.

Michigan Message Center is looking to possibly donate their old machines, We are willing to gladly accept them.
Minutes ajourned at 6:45pm