31 Aug 2006

Computer Club Meeting Minutes for 8/31/06
10 Members present: Joe W, Mark, Craig, Tim, Jason, Miles, Chris H, Adam T, Marshall Q, and Brian

began appr. 6:30PM
[Self introductions]
Bronco bash coming up: 09/09/06
Demo of slow scan TV
Scedule needed for available members to man tent.
Jason looking in tent rental possibilities that doesnt require stakes.
Power available from outside plug from Lee’s Honor College.
Fliers needed to advertise the club.

Office Cleanup:
Creating clear path to doors.
General further cleaning/organization.
Send thank you to dean for his efforts to assure up the office.
Possible removal of tables(preferably non-folding).

Brian volunteers to assist in general organization.

Presentation schedule needed to start of year.

Need attendant to the WSA.

meeting ajourned at 7:05pm